How to create by a computer

Can be created easily by a computer in your home to place an order right away!

  • STEP1 Launch the software
  • STEP2 Edit
  • STEP3 Order

STEP1 Launch the software

▪ Launch the software

Shortcut icon will be created on your desktop once you complete installation of Year Album software. Click the icon to launch the Year Album software.

  • If you cannot see the icon on your desktop, open your program list from "Start" button and select "Year Album SG".

▪ Starting Page

Click on the "Start" button 1 to start creating/editing your Year Album. You can get latest information about Year Album by clicking on "Click here" 2.

▪ Home Page

  • Select "New Album" 1 to create new Album
  • To resume editing of saved Album, click "Your Year Album" 2 to open the saved album.

▪ Resume editing/Re-order Album

Album saved in the middle of creation or completed with order placed can be found after clicking the "Your Year Album" button on the Home Page.

  • The Album will be shown with the newest ones on top from left to right.
  • Album which has been ordered will be indicated with "finished" icon.
  • Click "Edit" to resume editing or re-order of the Album.

  • The software will read the images and create layout every time you edit the Album.
  • Changes that have been saved previously will be kept in the edit version.

▪ Select shooting time of photo

      (When creating new Album)

The software reads shooting time of the photos to be used for the Album and select photos with the best shooting effect to arrange layout automatically.
Click "Next" after selecting shooting time of photo for the Album.

  • Photo without shooting data (Exif file) will not be used for auto layout. Add such photo one by one in edit screen if you want.

▪ Select source of photo

Select location where photos for the Album are saved. If you do not know the location, select "My Computer" to read all photos in the computer.
© If you know location of the folder with desirable photos, click "Browse" ? to select the folder. (It is faster than reading all photos in the computer since only photos you selected will be used for auto layout)

Photos taken by smartphone can be used easily for Year Album. Connect your smartphone to your PC with own cable.

  • iPhone/iPad - check the "iPhone/iPad" icon
  • Android - check the "Removable Media" icon

More details about "Browse"

Click "Next" after setting completed.

▪ Select number of pages and size of Album

Select the number of pages and size of Album

Number of pages from 16 to 48, and size of A5 and A4 are available.

The software will start loading photos for the Album after selection completed, and use FUJIFILM Image Organizer to automatically analysis, select and layout the photos. Auto layout can be completed in as short as 5 minutes▪.

  • Auto layout for 16 pages Year Album with 500 image files each around 3MB. Layout time will vary according to file size, file numbers and other criteria.
  • It is the standard time by Core 2 Duo 2GHZ CPU.

▪ Display preview screen

Preview of each page will be shown once auto layout arrangement is completed. Confirm the layout content and go to edit screen by clicking on the "Next" button.

  • "Next" button cannot be clicked right after the preview screen displayed when the cover page is being created 1. Go to next screen after the button color changed to orange.

Click on the "Main Character Settings" button on the top right corner of the screen 2 to set the person as Main Character who will be the focus of the Year Album design.

More details about "Main Character Settings"

  • STEP2 Edit